Alaska Marine Highway Schedule Tables

You may travel without a vehicle or bring your own car, RV, or motorcycle. You can even bring along the family pet. Foot passengers often board with a backpack and a bicycle on the ferry. No matter which way you choose to travel, you will find the Alaska Ferry System to be budget friendly with All-American crews and beautiful immaculate ships. These boats are some of the most unique ferries in the world.

With a little advance planning, get off at any port to stay an extra day or longer. Most Alaskan coastal communities depend on the ferries for their only road access to the mainland creating the opportunity for you to travel with and meet local people as well as to observe life in an isolated community.


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Petersburg Seals on Float 
Viking Travel, Inc.
101 N. Nordic Drive
P.O. Box 787
Petersburg, AK 99833

Tel:  907-772-3818
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Toll-Free: 800-327-2571
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U.S. and Canada

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri  6:00am - 6:00pm
Closed: Sat & Sun  

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